yesterday during low tide
I noticed dark pavement beneath the sand
my toes curled up,
my nose began to tingle.
now the gulls are croaking
help me swallow the fog

daydreaming on public transit
sticky orange fingers
squeeze me ‘til I’m smooth, too.
marshmallow months pass
let me shut my eyes
cradle me
in the most quiet loud

for some reason I feel like I should say that it’s always
better to see the big picture
but I forgot how lonely being sick makes me feel
you gave me your fruit and
as I ate it
I smoked a cigarette
I watched a starling steal seeds from a pigeon
I let the sun squeeze my eyes
now peach pits fill those holes in my skull
now I’m smoking another cigarette
I thought the pigeon was underreacting

The crane
You are the narrator
We watched them create in the dark
They told us everything.
As the gloss of moonlight
casts a dew on our
porcelain world

Now it’s candy for breakfast
Melted tongues and swollen lips
It’s pouring but I’m walking in slow motion
Surrounded in some tangerine daydream
My feet tug at the sidewalk seams
I’m finding clarity within the static
it’s the most nourishing thing.
The drops of your hazy nectar
That gentle grip between my bones